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Ashley Madison Review

What is Ashley Madison?

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Before you Join Ashley Madison read all reviews and storiesAshley Madison Review is the world’s most famous dating website for married dating and for people looking to have an affair. The company was founded by Noel Biderman on February 14 of 2001. The name Ashley Madison is simply the two most popular names of 2001. The company is based in Canada and today they are available in about 18 countries and expanding on a daily basis. Ashley Madison has been featured on multiple tv stations and radios for being one of the most scandalous dating websites specifically designed for people to cheat on their partners. Their tag line is Life is short. Have an affair. The reason why Ashley Madison Review is so popular and at the same time controversial is because this website was born during a time where all people looked at cheating as something that cannot be discussed in society as a normal thing that can happen to anybody. The website caters mostly to married men and married women looking to have an affair in a discreet and almost anonymously. Just like any other dating website, Ashley Madison offers the usual features of all dating website, the only exception is that on this website people that are married are actually honest about it. The winning point of Ashley is exactly that, all the people on the website are honest about what they are looking for and they are not trying to hide behind lies and fake profiles.

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Why an Ashley Madison Review?

I decided to make a review of Ashley Madison so that I would possibly try to answer all the questions people might have before they decide to sign up on Ashley Madison. After reading many Ashley Madison reviews I knew many questions were not being answered and I decided to do so myself. Forget all the other AshleyMadison reviews. Just like you I was stuck in a sexless marriage, a marriage that did not have an passion and spark. I started to research all the possible options and opportunities on the internet and I came across Ashley Madison. I have been a member of Ashley Madison for about 5 years now and I have had numerous encounters with a few different women. Some encounters did turn out to be sexual encounters where some simply became great friendships that as of today I still do feel very happy about. The reason why I am writing this review is to simply try to answer all the hard questions everyone asks before signing up on such website. As a member of Ashley Madison I do feel like I am the best person to ask questions about the website and also ask all questions related to cheating since I can tell you from personal experience, it is not an easy step to take… but once you do.. there is no going back.. you will definitely live happier and you will find yourself enjoying your wife a lot more.. maybe not sexually but you will definitely re-evaluate your marriage. I promise!

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Ashley Madison Profiles and Review of the site

We discussed what is Ashley Madison and why I decided to write an Ashley Madison review. Now let’s talk about the website and about the Ashley Madison profiles. Profiles on Ashley Madison are a lot more simple than any other website since the questions asked are basic to meet the right person. The basic questions asked are what you are looking for, encounters you are open to, and things that turn you on. When registering a profile these are the questions you will be asked and that you will need to properly answer to be successful on the website. Obviously just like any other dating website, you will need to pick a username and a password but remember, on Ashley Madison you can change your public nickname anytime… I think being able to change your nickname on the Ashley Madison profile is very important since people get to know you by your nickname and it is sort of your business card or sort of like the first contact with a person.. so having a great nickname definitely does help when dating online.

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How does Ashley Madison work and how much does it cost?

Ashley Madison is completely different than any other website. Most dating websites are based on a monthly subscription that gets charged to your credit card whether you use the service or not. Ashley Madison is different, the entire system is based on credits and you only spend credits if you are actually using the website. The basic package of 100 credits costs $49 and allows you to become a full member and as long as you have credits left in your profile, you will always remain a full member and will be able to access all the features of the website. The 100 credits package instead offers you the same features and obviously more credits, but it also gives you the affair guarantee package, pretty much if you do not have an affair, Ashley Madison will reimburse you the entire amount paid.

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I hope you enjoyed my ashleymadison review!

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